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Prof. Dr. Carsten Ullrich

Applied Artificial Intelligence

 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a multi-purpose tool for advanced cognitive computing. I have been working with AI for more than 15 years and used various methods of AI to build various AI-based assistance services that support individual users in their working and learning life. I have been employing machine learning, planning algorithms, semantic databases and other AI technology, depending on the required functionality.

Successful application of AI requires an understanding of the user's perspective, a strategic transformation of existing business models and infrastructure, and the selection of the appropriate AI technologies. 

Consulting and Teaching

Prof. Dr. Carsten Ullrich has applied AI in multiple positions. Today, he uses artificial intelligence (AI) methods at CENTOGENE GmbH to support and improve diagnostic processes and to generate new knowledge about rare diseases.
Furthermore, he holds the chair for Artificial Intelligence at Steinbeis University Berlin. Previously, he was associate head of a research department and senior researcher at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI GmbH). In 2018, Prof. Dr. Ullrich was named a "DFKI Research Fellow" for his outstanding scientific achievements and special services in technology transfer. He received his doctorate in computer science from Saarland University in 2007 and habilitated at the Faculty of Computer Science at Chemnitz University of Technology in 2020.

Prof. Dr. Ullrich frequently hold speeches on Artificial Intelligence and is teaching on Artificial Intelligence, for instance "Ausbildung zum KI Manager – Grundlagen Künstlicher Intelligenz und Anwendungspotenziale für Unternehmen" at bitkom akademie.

Please contact me for speaking opportunities or courses on AI.

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